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Do you have questions about sliding or swing gates, their openers or ways to fix common problems? You have found the perfect webpage! Read below to find answers to some frequently asked questions related to gates and find out how to handle issues and how to maintain these complex systems

Do you have gate related questions? It's absolutely natural and it's good that you are searching for answers because this way you can make your life easier. If you want serious answers in easy to read paragraphs, check out our frequently asked gate related questions here below

What is a phone entry system?

A phone entry system is a special kind of intercom designed for gates. There are many variations among them because each property has different needs depending on how many people live in the building and what they expect from the system. As an overall, such gate intercom systems allow you to see visitors through cameras and talk to them before deciding whether to let them in or not. Our specialists suggest these systems for higher security.

Which gate parts must I check more often?

All gate parts must be checked often. If you fail to check the swing gate hinges because they are small, they might rust and break one day and the gate will simply drop and might hurt someone. Check the opener and the safety sensors and the reverse system often. Clean the driveway gate track, make sure the rollers are inside the tracks and are tightened, check the chain and stop points, and ensure that the posts are strong and stable.

Why is my sliding gate jammed?

Most likely, something is blocking the wheels. It could be debris or some kind of bigger object. You must disconnect the opener before you remove the obstruction in order to stay safe. Damage to the track or one of the wheels is also a possible cause for jamming. If it is severe, the component will most likely need replacement. With heavy-duty wheels, the risk of damage is lower.

On average, how often should a maintenance check be carried out?

Residential gate owners should consider doing it at least two times a year. It basically depends on the degree of usage, and since gates are used almost daily in residential places, two is the recommended number by our experts. Carrying out such inspections can aid in the overall upkeep of your entranceway and help you nip serious problems in the bud.

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