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Our installation services are designed for new gates, opener and intercoms of all types. With well-organized precision work, the job is done perfectly and in little time.

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Whether you want to make improvements to a property that you have just bought or plan to renovate an existing one, count on us to install new gates for maximizing security. Our installation service is fast and reliable. It includes everything from positioning the structural components to setting up the opener and the intercom. Rest assured that we will do an equally good job with installing a sliding steel gate or a swing unit made of wood. The size does not matter. By combining many years of experience with large capacity, our company is able to deliver the best result in a very short time.New Gates

Experienced Specialists Installing New Gates

You simply need to share what you have in mind with us and we at "Gate Repair Buena Park" will do everything necessary to ensure that you will get it. Count on our professional assistance completely throughout the gate selection process as well. You will receive all the information that you require on the different types of gates based on design and make. You will also get practical advice on the most functional option for your property given the specifics of the terrain. Expect full support from us when it comes to comparing residential gate openers and entry systems. Everything will be done to help you make the best choices.

The installation project will be carried out according to a strict plan prepared in advance. The set schedule will be followed with maximum punctuality. All components will be delivered right on time. The panels and other structural components are set securely and with maximum precision. No matter what material these parts are made of, our service includes painting, or the application of another type of material such as stain or wax, for their protection. The metal hardware parts are fitted accurately. Only the strongest brackets, bolts and other components are used for securing them. You will have a faultlessly working swing gate hinges or sliding gate wheels and track.

The opener and safety sensors and loops are secured in place and connected to the rest of the system reliably. All settings are carefully adjusted and the remotes are programmed to work properly. You simply need to start operating the system. It will be functional and safe. To give you the highest level of security and convenience, our service includes intercom installation. The transmitter and receiver are firmly mounted and programmed. Again, you can start using them right away. It is as simple as that.

Once you have a flawlessly performing new gate, you will enjoy using it to the fullest. You will have to care for it as well. You can readily leave this work to us. Our maintenance service involves thorough cleaning, lubrication, readjustment and timely gate repair whenever needed.

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