Find out more about ways to choose the right gates and openers and how to take care of them by reading these tips

The following tips will interest anyone who uses a gate. Find out how to keep it clean and functional and why doing this is important. Discover the benefits of maintenance but also how significant intercoms and repairs are for your home's security. Check them out down here below

Check the reverse system often

Where there is an opener, the reverse system should be working right. One of your first priorities is to check that the reverse mechanism of your rolling or swing gate operator works. Test the sensors, make sure they are aligned, clean the lenses of the photo eyes and test that the gate reverses by putting an object on its way. Our professionals suggest doing that as often as possible.

Paint wood gates to protect them

Gates made of wood will last longer if they are painted with the right coatings from time to time. You don't have to apply coatings every year unless the old painting peels off. The surface must be completely dry but also clean before you paint it. So, it's best to choose dry seasons to do the task. Choose coatings which can protect the material from elements.

Don't try to force gates open if they don't move by themselves

If your gate does not work, one of the worst things you can try and do is push it. The failure is either mechanical or electrical. By forcing it, you could create damage to important components function within either of these areas. Have a professional troubleshoot to identify the cause of the issue.

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