Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Our company welcomes reviews and feedback from our clients and we have shared some of them in this page

Our testimonial page contains reviews sent to us by our customers. Find out about their experience with our company on their gate service needs. Read some of the reviews and have a better picture on the type of service that we deliver, which you can expect to get when you hire us.

Our gate opener was fixed right away

“We heard some noises but didn't know whether it was the driveway gate track, the opener or other parts. The truth is that our opener is old and hadn't been maintained for some time. We asked some friends if they knew a good gate company. A friend told us to call Gate Repair Buena Park. The assistance was astonishing in terms of quick response and quality work. We were happy that the technician came prepared to take care of the problem and didn't have to return. He had to service the opener and we also liked that he checked the sensors and made sure everything in the control box was okay. He was a great guy and did a fantastic job!”

So happy with this gate company

“The gate of the house we moved to was really neglected. I guess nobody cared to take care of it before renting the place out but since we loved the house, we just thought to fix the gate on our own. We thought it would be best to let a professional gate company take a look. After some research, we found Gate Repair Buena Park. It was awesome that the technician could service our gate the very next day. It was also excellent that he was so nice, too. He did an amazing job fixing the opener and some swing gate hinge problems. We'll surely call back if we need assistance!”

Smoothly Working Driveway Gate Opener

"I turned to this company to repair my broken driveway gate chain as I had heard from several friends that it was very speedy. Indeed, a technician came to my house very quickly after I had called. He replaced the chain with a new one of the same size and structure that was made of strong steel. I could see he was very careful and accurate, and I was very impressed. The whole job took very little time to complete even though it seemed to be quite complex. In the end, he ran a test to ensure that the unit was working properly. I give Gate Repair Buena Park the highest score there is!"

Prompt Gate Repair Service

Security has been a big concern around my residence for a while now in my instance. So when my automated gate stopped working, I was a very troubled person not knowing what to do. I conveyed my anxiety to a neighbor, who suggested hiring a gate repair company to help me with the problem. Then I contacted Gate Repair Buena Park, which offered a fast response and the best part is that their services were very affordable. I was mainly pleased with the expertise and fast services offered by their technician. I highly recommend this company to homeowners requiring urgent gate repair services.


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